Saturday, February 4, 2012

The one where we dedicate our lives to the basement....

We are starting to get serious on the basement. Josh has been gunghoe this week ordering more supplies on line and working down there. We are making some headway. This weekend we working on getting actual power to all the outlets and wiring he has done. Our neighbor Mike is really getting us inspired, he is hammering up some dry wall his self!!! So once we get this electrical junk down we can make it look like an actual room, rather than seeing insulation and bare wood. That's where I come in, for the painting. I don't mind painting, infancy I have down many rooms upstairs as you know, all I need is wine!!!! So in wishful thinking, we hope to have the basement complete this year!!! Yay man cave! Donations are accepted. Haha TOTALLY KIDDING but if you do come stay, bring your tools :)

So we have a wild, hyper non-stop running, screaming laughing toddler on our hands! Did I mention he is getting his back teeth?? He will be eating steak in no time. Wait maybe I shouldn't introduce him to steak at such an early age, or it will be an expensive road ahead. Anyway, I saw the 3 ( I think) new teeth. I can't get my fingers in there cause he has a hard bite, so when he laughs I try to take a sneak peek. He has his 15 month check up Monday, that's right 15 months. He is starting to say a few words, other than his favorite word "mommy" he says daddy, ball, thank you, juice and NO. He also has his own language we haven't quite figured out. The pointing and grunting is be becoming a popular method of communication. It is super fun and exciting watching him grow. He is such a little sponge. I am anxious to see how much he weighs. Josh and I weigh our selves most mornings, Cooper started to pick up on it and while we were getting ready he went and stood on the dang scale. I think it read 23 lbs! So he still dislikes the swings, but love love loves playing on the slides.

playing on the slides, NOT the swings


Get in my belly

Off to supervise the baesment construction!!! I will keep you posted on our progress! Happy Saturday.


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