Saturday, January 21, 2012

The one where I am in NYC....

As I like to say, New York, New York... so nice they named it twice!! I am still here. We woke up to snow this morning, so as any born and raised Floridian, I was ESTATIC! While Eva and her dog are playing outside though, I prefer to look at the snow from inside, where it is warm. Its so pretty!! Don't wish for this everyday, but on vacation its awesome! Cold to me starts at 50 degrees so this is FREEZING. Anyway, I flew into NYC on Thursday night where I met Eva and her fiance, Allan. They just bought a house in Jersey, so I knew I needed to come up and visit!! Thursday night we played catch up over wine (shocker) and some good ol' Jersey pizza! It was delish, and on being on this diet not eating that kind of stuff any more made it taste SO much better!!!

Friday we woke up early and headed into this city with the working folks! We took the train from Jersey into the city, it was about a 40 minute ride, but how relaxing. Something us Atlanians don't have or take advanatge of. We must LOVE traffic. Anyway, when we got into the city had a nicew breakfast inside, where it's warm and then headed to our Spa day. That's right, Eva treated myself and her to a day at the Spa. OMG, just what the doctor ordered. After our hour long massage, we sat in the hottub, the sauna, the steam room, relaxed read wedding magazines and gossip magazines and about 1:30 we finally left. We were there about 4 hours. I really really reallly needed that. No work, no cell phones, just peace and quiet. It was awesome!!

We went to the 9/11 memorial Friday afternoon. New York did an awesome job on the memorial site. It was beautiful, clean and just breathtaking. You get a different feeling when you walk through those gates from the city. It's a very sad feeling.  I got really emotional walking around the fountains, reading the names of all the people who lost their lives. The one that got me had the mothers name and her unborn child. That one hit hard and close to home. I just can't imagine what the city of New York and all these people felt on that day.

So on a lighter note, I am in the city again with Eva at her office. She is pretty much a wedding planner. So she is showing the venue to guests and setting up for a wedding tonight. So I have a little down time to relax and go walk around outside a little. It is so slushy and slippery I am kinda nervous though. I am not experienced in this kind of weather!! Wish me luck :)

Check out our delishousness from last night!!!

yes those are deviled eggs... YUMMM

Tonight we are checking out a show on Broadway... so much fun!!!


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