Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The one with Santa Claus

Happy New Year and Merry (late) Christmas!!! I know once again I am behind.... I always get behind when we go to Jacksonville. There was just so much going on. I think we had breakfast, lunch and dinner planned practically everyday. It was super great to see everyone and spend time with family and friends. Cooper got to meet Santa for the second year in a row, his experience definitely wasn't the same. Last year he was practically sleeping on Santas lap and for someone who loves everyone and alerts anyone ahold them, Santa not so much. He freaked out. It was hilarious and exactly what I wanted. Every parent needs that one photo of their kid with Santa where they are screaming bloody murder.... And guess what? I got mine!!!! Whooooo

So Santa was great to us and Cooper, he got more toys than he knew what to do with. We still have some in the boxes until he gets board with the ones he has now. I think he was overwhelmed on Christmas day. He did open a few boxes, but still didn't quite understand, he will next year though. This year was Josh's year..... He got an IPad. (last year I got the camera) so it was only fair that he got something sweet. He is totally addicted and I am not going to lie, me too. I will have a picture coming this weekend of our new toy too, stay tuned.

X-mas eve


You know Jacksonville is not really a vacation for us, we are always so busy trying to see everyone so we took a little mini vacay for new years. We went south a little to the beach, just a little get away for us. It was so relaxing, we stayed at a 4 star resort, woke up to the sound of the waves crashing, beautiful sunrises and bloody Mary's. We took naps when Cooper took naps and relaxed and walked on the beach. AND had all you can eat crab legs one night.... I ate 1.5 lbs ( definitely not a PR) however Mr. Joshua ate a whopping 8 lbs. The last time he ate that many crabs legs was our trip to Hilton Head, and he was in a coma for days...He recouped much better this time! Anyway Cooper loved running on the beach, he loved playing with his shovel that I finally bought him the last day. We also went to Ponce Inlet and had lunch near the light house. My grandpa Herrmann's ashes are in the inlet, so it was really awesome to take Coop there and have lunch practically with him. At the hotel, Cooper really didn't want much to do with the water, but when we were at the inlet he was running towards in and playing all in it. It was freezing but he loved it. I wonder if he sensed grandpa????


yes please

So we had a nice relaxing news years eve. We have had our shares of partying New years so we totally vegged out. Of course we had a nice dinner and drank lots of champagne but I tell ya, we barely made it to midnight, but we did make it to the big news years kiss at the ball drop. After that, lights out!!!!!

We came back new years day, as we passed through jax we stopped at the county dock, where Gma is.... Talked to her a little and threw some flowers in the water for her. It was our First
Christmas without her. I know how much all the Richardsons missed her, me too. Me, Josh and Coooper each had a red carnation that we threw in the water. After Josh and I threw our flowers in, I swear Cooper knew what to do, cause he did exactly what we did.....

And here we are. Home sweet home. Where our Christmas tree is completely dead, where the weather is significantly cooler and where the laundry piles up.... Oh it feels so good.


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