Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The one where someone has a birthday...

Happy Birthday DAD!!! We miss you... Hope mom cooked you a 120z filet with lobster tail! Wish we could be there to celebrate, soon enough... If you come here you just might get a filet on the green egg (I think I need to be CEO before I got and buy a 12 oz filet). Anyway, I hope you had a nice relaxing day. I LOVE YOU!!

So, as many of you new Mr. Cooper has been under the weather. I have been out of work for 2 days, but since he has been taking antibiotics and using the inhaler, he sounds a little better.... not 100%. The dr. told me to use the inhaler until the cough went away, I said, "But he is in daycare, does it really ever go away".... So THIS cough, from the RSV that he has, may last up to 2 weeks. Well as many of you workin mommas know you just can't stay out of work that long, so he is going back tomorrow. Being a "stay at home mom" Tuesday was cool.... but today, I think I am going stir crazy. Baby talk can only last so long. And with Josh's new job he is getting home a little later these days so I am having double duty.

Which brings me to my next announcement, congrats are in order to Joshua, he is now an outside account manager for High Purity Water, still within Siemens. This is great for Josh, because you know he isn't the sit in a cubicle all day kind of guy. He will be calling on customers and having customer visits, mainly in Georgia. Which means we get more Daddy at home with us, instead of traveling the world without us!!!


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