Friday, February 17, 2012

The one with picture day....

Cooper had his first school pictures on Thursday. As usual he was a stud. I don't have his pics yet, but I hope I can buy enough to share!!! He was so handsome. The teachers said he did good and smiled for the camera! Yay!!! I got a few snap shots of him before we left. See the preview.....

Where did my baby go????

Cooper is learning more and more words every day! It is so exciting!! Today his teacher told me he could count to FIVE!!! Of course when I got there he wasn't having anything to do with speaking English. So I worked with him a little... and I will say one and he actually says TWO! It is too stinkin cute I tell ya!

Not much else is going on. Trying to get back on track from being in Jax last weekend. It was a quick trip for Kelly's bridal shower. Down on Friday night and back on Sunday. The trips are quick, but it's good to go home every now and then, we just wish it was longer. We we are making progress on the basement. I drew out the dimensions of the kitchen and the cabinets and fridge (he gives me all the hard tasks) LOL anyway, he ordered a ton of wire from amazon and we should be getting that soon, you know he needs like special 100 cords for the massive TV (we don't have) and the surround sound ( we don't have yet) but whatev, this year is his year for spending the McCarty mula. I did a good job of that last year, so this year it's his turn!!! We did get the plumber out here. For those who have every showered here or ram water know that it practically drips out of the faucets so FINALLY we got someone out her to fix it. I was sooooo excited, I had to test it out and shower when I got home from work. There is a huuuuuuge difference. OMG I am thinking how the heck did I got this long with such awful water pressure. Anyway, the plumber is coming back to give us a quote on the things we need to, well, have plumbed.... I guess what's what you say, plumbed???? So hopefully we can get water to our "kitchen" soon. The important things first, bar and tv wires!

The Bride to be and her Maids


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  1. Oh wow Allie Cooper looks all so grown up he's so cute !!! I can't want to see him in March !!!