Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The one with the horses....

We traveled to Ohio las weekend to visit Josh's dad. Had it not been FREEZING we may have had Cooper riding a horse by the end of the weekend. Well maybe not riding but at least a little more comfortable around them. It was so cold the entire time we were there we hardly went outside. It was a very nice, relaxing and cozy trip. We stayed in the living room by the furncace a lot. I would eat, take a nap, eat again and take a nap. Josh and I learned that one of our favorite things to do on vacay is sleep. So when Cooper sleeps we sleep. Not a bad plan, uh? Anyway, Jeff and Deanna are doing good. I think they really loved spending time with coop. Since we've had Coopper I think the fam enjoys him more than us!!! I mean why wouldn't you??? He's so stinkin cute..... We got his school pictures back and OMG we totally have the cutest kid in the whole world. I mean I really hate bragging but I can't help it. And what really helps is he is not camera shy. Just like me, you put a camera in my face and I instantly smile! So we are ordering some prints and should get them soon. Gaaaahhh school pictures are expensive, I will be going broke purchasing these each year, but it's totally worth it.

Papa Jeff

Nana introducing Cooper to Pepper

I think Rosie is hungry, look out Jeff!

Meeting Red

someone got into the Cheeto bag on the way home....

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