Sunday, May 22, 2011

The one with the cutest baby...

 So I am going to take this Sunday to brag a little bit.... As I was uploading pictures from the week I could help but notice how many awesome pictures I had of Coop and how handsome he is ( just like his daddy!). He has to be the cutest little kid EVER! I literally just stare at him. So I wanted to share with everyone that little one that Josh and I are so blessed with to get to be around everyday! His personality is just blossoming and as he is getting older, I see more and more of Josh in him. It's incredible! Where are my genes? I guess I was just more of the incubator ;)

We had another great weekend hanging out with friends on the beach, the Lake Lanier beach, that is. If you remember, these are just as good as Florida beaches.... ALMOST! It's nice to be in the sun and exposing Cooper to the outdoors. He still doesn't like the water, only because it's still freezing. I don't want to get in, so I don't blame him for yanking his little tosies out of the water when I stick them in.

We had bonfire last night. This has been a hobby of ours since we moved in. We made a fire pit with the rocks from the stream behind the house. It turned out pretty professional! Anyway, we also did smores, I totally felt like a kid again! They were delicious!

... and here we are again, Sunday Funday! The weekends go by so fast!, uhhhhhh!!!  We've been watching DYI basement rennovations on HGTV all morning to get ideas for our own basement. It has given us inspiration to start working on ours again. We haven't done anything since Grandpa Butch was here. So, we are going to start building the bars this afternoon. Hopefully you won't see us on the DYI Disaster show!

Have a great week!


  1. love the pics, al! you guys are so awesome. coop IS the cutest little baby ever! xoxoxo... ps, i see you in him, too! xoxoxo katy

  2. Katy,
    Thank you!! I am glad you follow us :) Congrats on your graduation! Let's pick a UCF game this season so we can show Shua how we do!! xoxo