Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The one with PCB...

The McCarty's doin what we do best!
You know you're not from Georgia when you haven't been to Panama City Beach on Vacation! Josh and I must have been the only couple out of 7 that has not vacationed in Panama City Beach. I think it's a Georgia thing... so maybe now you can officially call us Georgia residents! But I've got to tell ya, it's one heck of a place. It is gorgeous. The water is blue and the sand is soft and white and there is plenty of fresh seafood! We had a great time. A nice getaway with no agenda, other than drinking beer, jamin to music and bronzin'.

The view from our condo
This is most of the group. We had to claim our spot every morning, which wasn't hard because the beach wasn't crowded, even on the weekend. There are absolutely no signs of the oil spill, so I am surprised there weren't more people.  As you can see, we are still in recovery mode....

Below is a picture of my Georgia blondes at the Boatyard! Boatyard is a super nice restaurant that seated us outside in front of the huge yachts that are docked. Amazing views and food! Everyone passed their entrees around to share. I didn't... I ordered crab legs and I am stingy when it comes to those!! So much work for nothin! 

We want to make a vacation like this annual. Next year lets cruise!

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