Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The one with Allie and Mike's wedding...

Hello All! What a great weekend we had! I had not had that much fun in a while. Josh and I took another road trip down to Orlando this past weekend, my old stomping grounds, to be apart of Allie and Mike's special day. Cooper stayed with Grandma Karen for a night and my parents took the trip down with us. It was at an old Spanish home outside and it couldn't have been better weather.  It was perfect. The wedding was beautiful, the food was delicious and the wine was strong! We enjoyed some beers by the pool before the wedding, relaxing in the sun, which now looking back wasn't such a good idea. The beer, not the sun. I can't day drink anymore. Needless to say, I didn't make it to the bars after the wedding as planned.
Allie and Mike Vatcher
The beautiful MOH
The beautiful Kel

My beautiful family
It was also my first mothers day! Joshua and Cooper gave me a Pandora bracelet. This is something that I have been wanting since I met Josh.... so for a long time now. AND I finally got one! For those who don't know it is basically just a really really nice charm bracelet. On the way back from Orlando we stopped in Jax to have Mothers Day lunch with both mommas and my grandparents.... and we had to pick up lil Coop man. It was a special day and to spend it with the family really meant a lot! And since we were on the road driving back to Atlanta, we stopped somewhere really fancy to eat Mothers Day dinner.... wait for it.... ZAXBY'S! And we weren't the only family in there :)

Cooper had is 6 month check up today. The little chunkster is 17.8 pounds and 27 inches long. Which means he is in the 50th percentile in both. Basically it is a good thing he isn't shorter or the doctor may have ordered us to put him on a diet. Cooper is strong and healthy, and growing like a weed. He was supposed to get his 6 month shots, but the doctor said he had a red throat and didn't want to do it. So I have to go back again in 10 days to get his shots. I swear I spend more time at the doctor for this kid.... I hear it only gets better :)

The blog wouldn't be complete without a picture of the Chunky Monkey
We are headed to Panama City Beach Thursday with friends from Atlanta! Another road trip here we come, thank God for the Prius!



  1. Another Great Page Allie, I love following this love the pictures as well.....Keep up the good work.

  2. I want to squuuuuuueze him Al! He is so precious!! Love you.