Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The week with no husband....

Hump Day is almost over and I am only a few hours away from seeing Josh. Distance really makes the heart grow fonder. Thank goodness he comes home tomorrow! I know we haven't seen each other since Sunday but it feels like I am reliving the Pittsburgh experience all over! 

You've probably been wondering what I have been doing... and that is NOTHING. I've cleaned and done laundry, all the fun chores. So I'm ready for company, anyone want to visit? I'm lame without Josh. I'm bored and my butt is permanently imprinted in the couch. AND I am so excited that he comes home tomorrow. I don't even have any pictures to post, that's how lazy I have been. I definitely will have some after the weekend. We are heading to Orlando for Allie Stevens wedding and Cooper is staying with Grandma Karen. So hopefully I have some internet appropriate pictures to post. We don't get out much anymore :)

 Love y'all!

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