Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The one with the Elf...

So if you know me at all, you know I love the movie ELF. I can say that every year after we finish our Thanksgiving meal, Elf is on! And it stays in the DVD player and replays several times throughout the holiday season.... it just really gets me in the holiday spirit and really makes me believe again. I wish I believed in Santa and I wish Santa really brought gifts, it would sure save mommy lots of time and money :) anyway, the daycare opened up this weekend for a "Parents day out". So Josh and I took advantage and drooped Cooper off from 10-3 and had a little day date and went shopping. We have just about finished our Christmas shopping! Thank god for Khols, it is like a one stop shop, all they need to sell is alcohol and we would have it jackspot!!! We are taking notes for next year and have come up with: A.) we need too have a X-mas saving fund and B.) online shopping is AWESOME

We don't have any lights up yet. We are slacking in that department. We better stock up know, because once Cooper understands what this is all about, we are going to be broke and he will be spoiled... well more spoiled. Gotta love the after Christmas sales!! Thank God for a basement :)

I FINALLY took my photography class Sunday. Josh bought me a class when he bought me the camera, LAST Christmas. hehe Slacker I know. So I learned a TON, its like I have a brand new camera. Although I am no pro yet, I will get there, hopefully. I really just wanted to be able to take amazing pictures of Cooper and you know how hard that is since he doesn't sit still. So we are taking Cooper to see Santa this weekend. YAY. I will get to practice a little more then and I hope to have some good pictures to report back and post!!! WOOT WOOT


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