Thursday, September 8, 2016

The one with the Carter Wedding...

Our cute, adorable kids were asked to be in a long time friends wedding which took place last weekend. The Bride, Paige, who is my Best Friend Lauren's sister, married Jason (an FSU fan, but we will forgive him!) And after long anticipation, the wedding weekend came and gone in the blink of an eye (like any wedding). The week leading up to it, we were threatened with a hurricane (but if you live in and are from Florida, its just another excuse to have a party) anyway, we were threated with lots of potential rain and flooding over the weekend. But after all the worry and stress, it turned out perfect. Like a man said to me on my wedding day as it rained, "Honey, its just God's way of washing away your past and allowing you start fresh in your new life." And as y'all know, the weather cleared and it was perfect (other than it being muggy- but again, that's Florida). So, the kids were perfect and as cute as can be walking down the aisle. Addison didn't throw a single rose petal and Cooper definitely didn't walk.... he ran down the aisle, then Addison followed suit. It was like a race to the groom. Cute and funny and gave everyone a little chuckle. Both of them stood up there the whole ceremony like little angels. Cooper did tell me the best part was walking (or running) down the aisle, and he also said the worst was standing up there because he was bored. Hey- can't blame a kid for being honest, he just doesn't get it yet. Every time I look at these pictures, my heart is overcome with happiness and I thank God for this beautiful family of mine.... ENJOY


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