Friday, August 9, 2013

The one with the Big Princess...

Like brother like sister....

I call Addison a pretty little princess, so the other morning Cooper said Mommy your the Big Princess! Totally a sweet compliment coming from my handsome little toddler prince! Cooper is so cute and repeating everything we say. He's really becoming a sponge. I've got him counting to 5, cleaning up his mess and bringing his dirty dishes to the counter and as always saying Thanks! We are working on mommy can I please ( fill in the blank) .... Not only is he cute he will also be polite. Not being in school is tough though. He doesn't have a teacher who actually has a curriculum , its just me. And often he doesn't want to sit still and listen to me. Although he does enjoy book reading and the puzzles Aunt Kelly gave us. So I keep thinking, is he missing out on a lot? He probably won't go to school until VPK when it's free. I just can't justify spending a fortune on school when I am home. On the upside, at least he will be street smart, maybe that's even better these days!! He knows "knucks", the "people's elbow" and how to participate in a good wrestling match... Hence the broken couch from Coop and Daddy!!  LOL if only I could get him potty trained!!! Who knew it would be this hard, he's so lazy when it comes to that!!!

Cutest kids EVER!

Cooper best bud, Riley!
The little princess is almost back on track sleeping through the nights. It's not consistent yet, but we are having more full nights than not. She's eating solid foods better, to where they don't have to be mixed) and not drinking as much milk at once, which is probably why she isn't sleeping as much! When out in public and people talk and look at her she flashes her cute lil gummy smile!! And you know what everyone says, "what a happy baby!" Seriously a huge 360 she has done since her first few months here. She loves standing and being in her walker! Still a chunky money, as the doc so eloquently put it!! Holding true to herself! It's the only time in her life when cellulite and fat rolls is cute and acceptable!

News on the home front- we close on a house Oct. 1-- that is trusting everything goes smoothly! This is going to be THE house where we raise our kids. We aren't moving again ( knock on wood). It's in St. John's county, literally around the corner from my grandparents. It's 4 bedrooms AND has a pool! Perfect for our outdoorsy family! Oh yea, did I mention its on an acre? Josh is in heaven planning the landscape and his outdoor kitchen. Or outdoor man cave as I call it, since thervare no basements in Florida he has to make something his "own" space! We are beyond excited to be settled, it's been a while! Stay tuned for pictures!


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  1. I just love the picture of Cooper and Riley wow what a smile, they almost look like they could be related!! REALLY? Awww I bet he's gonna miss his buddies, but time to make new ones at the new place........I just love reading your blog!!!!!