Friday, August 9, 2013

The one where we go green...

We are going green or at least trying!! We started a garden! It started out with carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, radishes, strawberries and green peppers all in one pot on the porch. That's right, all in ONE pot!! Since everything started taking off, corn included, we expanded and built  a big garden! We added chilies more peppers and basil! It's so awesome watching it all grow! A few weeks back my first tomato appeared! Small and green but full of life! Cooper, bless his little heart, is also excited as our garden grows! He came up to me just a few weeks ago with the tiny green tomato in his hand with sheer and pure excitement said, " mommy look, look a tomato!!" Slightly disappointed because that was the only mater, I was over it in an instant when I saw his big ole happy face smiling from ear to ear like it was the biggest and juiciest tomato ever!!!

Going Green (and GO GATORS!)

The loan green mater, that is no more....

The neighbs!!!

So, if you haven't tried pizza on the green egg, I don't think that you have LIVED. OMG my favorite cook out ever. Pizza on the egg. Fresh basil (from the garden!), mozzarella and tomatoes... as you know not fresh tomatoes this time!! But the pizza was amazing. We will be doing this again!!


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