Friday, February 8, 2013

The one with the pancakes...

Happy Friday everyone! Since I only have 2 more weeks, with just me and my main squeeze, Cooper, I thought we would make pancakes this morning. What kid doesn't love to help mommy cook? That's been Cooper's helping hand these past few weeks. He loves to pour things in pots, put food in the microwave, start the kitchen timers and sit on the counter while I make his food... So I thought he'd LOVE to help make pancakes and he did. And you know, it really wasn't messy, like I thought. Well I think the "just add water" factor to the pre-made batter helped with that.... no eggs, no milk, no oil... simple enough for a toddler. We had a great time and I had my camera out and charged (ready for baby Addison) so I was able to catch it all in pictures!! Enjoy

mommy I'm ready

2 cups of pancake mix

no messes here

I'm a pro at this mommy

not too sure about this hot stove

first homemade pancake!

concentrating real hard

waiting & watching....


good enough to eat


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  1. How adorable Allie, he looked like a PRO for sure.