Sunday, August 21, 2011


Happy anniversary to my hubsters!!! I really can't believe it has already been ONE YEAR. We have been so busy and have had so much fun, time has flown by! AND a Happy 57 year anniversary to my Mamaw and Papa!! Love you both!!

As you already know, we did yard work yesterday for about 4 hours. Ok, when I say "we", I totally helped the first two hours, but once that weedeater comes out, momma goes in! Josh's favorite part of yard work is the edging, mowing, and weedeating.... So I let him have at it. Me and Coop came in the A.C!! When we were out there all together, Cooper did amazing. We had him setup in little shade we do have in the front in the mornings, threw a few toys out there to keep him occupied. You won't believe it,but he sat on that blanket hardly moving for almost 2 hours, just watching. I think he is so mesmorized with the outdoors. So when planted more flowers and of course replaced the grey pinestraw. The house looks great! Mainly thanks to Josh, he's the green thumb in the family! We are back to having the best house on the block (at least we think so!!) So I had to take a picture of the slap on the hand notice....really not much difference except the pine straw is more fluffy!!


Anyway, so that was our day...Our friends, the McCalls so graciously watched lil Coop for us last night while went to dinner. We went to Bonefish. That was the first resturant Josh took me too when we started dating! The food was delishous. We went all out and you can't go to Bonefish and not get the bang bang shrimp! So we did...We had a great time! It was much needed. I don't think we have gone to dinner without Cooper since he was born! Thanks Claire and Colin!!! They said Cooper didn't cry ONCE!! Hopefully he will keep that up for Aunt K next week!!!

I finally painted the end table I got from Goodwill for $20 a few montsh back. Let's just say, I am not afraid to add some color!

Update on Cooper: another toofers is popping through. The top left tooth is finally breaking skin! It has been a few months of just the two cute bottom ones.That could explain his runny nose. Anyway, he is picking up the Cherios on his own and I am giving him more freedom when it comes to eating. I let him have at it with the oatmeal the other day, and he starting chewing on the bowl. KIDS!! They don't want whats inside the box, they want the box!! Anyhow, he grabbed a handful of oatmeal and it oozed out of his fingers. He put his whole hand in his mouth to get the oatmeal of his hands....forget the spoon I gave him, this is more fun!! The Cherio picture is my favorite, look how hard he is concentrating.

Gimmie that O

Have a great week! We have a 3 day work week!! Whoop whoop, cruisin on Thursday!!!!


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  1. Congrats, McCartys! I love reading about your wonderful life. Hope to see you around during football season! Let me know when so I can make sure I take off! xoxoxo