Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The one with the new addtion...

So y'all know I am not really a dog person. I mean I like dogs- they are cute, but like grandkids, I can send them back home. On the other hand, Josh doesn't think a family is complete without a dog.... so he gave me until December to find a pup for the family. I was totally opposed to anything big, like over 40 pounds, was way too big. So he said if I found a good smaller breed he would consider. So after much anxiety and deliberation with the internet, I found a French Bulldog, they are small (up to 28 lbs). They are super easy going (like me), they are totally sociable (like all of us) and they get along fabulously with children. So................ we pulled the trigger and got a Frenchie. It was basically for the kids for Christmas, but he came early (Dec 3). I feel like I have a new baby without the pregnancy. He has proven to be fantastic, he loves to snuggle, he loves the kids and is crate trained. He is already about 4 months old (born 1 day after Mamaw's birthday) and his name is Jaxon. He is already apart of the clan!

HELLO everyone!


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