Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The one with the girls...

We finally got our butt in gear and finished our chicken coop (it only took 6 months!) And the best part is we got chickens. We still have a ton to learn, but I think we have the basics- food, water and shelter. We got the girls as teenagers, as I like to say. They weren't chicks and they aren't quite mature, which means they aren't laying eggs yet. We had 4 to start with, but 2 days after we got them, one "flew" away (as Cooper says). We aren't quite sure what happened, but the only thing we can think is we received her sick and she couldn't kick it. So we have 3, Merida, Monica and Red Elephant, or Red Ellie for short. Cooper named Red Ellie. I never grew up around chickens and honestly never have been around them, but since we moved to this house on Hawkcrest, we loved using the land and it seemed easy enough. Our garden we started last year is still thriving and soon, we should have fresh eggs daily, who needs a grocery store!! And NO we aren't eating the girls. We are strictly raising them for their eggs. They are cool pets too. The kids can pet them and pick them up and since we've had them for about a month now, they are stating to come to us when we go out there. Now we just wait on the eggs!


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