Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The one where my baby is 4...

Each birthday is bittersweet. This year was so much fun watching Cooper open his gifts with excitement. He did a little dance or “jig” with each gift he opened, I just couldn’t help but love it. I thought to myself wow, it gets better each year. His personality is blossoming, he’s wearing his “big boy” pants and he isn’t a toddler anymore. However, as we do each birthday, we reflect. I can’t help but get a little sad inside to know I practically blinked and BAM I have a four year old. At four, he is fully potty trained (night time too)… for any other mom reading this, potty training is probably one of the greatest accomplishments of the toddler years. Let’s see, at 4 we are also having conversations, even though we may be shy at times. He is a pretty good communicator; let’s face it- he’s male, so how really great do they get. Am I right? Cooper got a bike for his birthday so he will be learning to ride a bike. I know your probably thinking,  gee, kind of late right? Well what had happened was…. for his 3rd birthday he got a dirt bike and learned to ride that. He has learned how to chop wood, count, swim, say the ABC’s, do puzzles, play games and tattle on his sissy. We are still working on the sharing part. He’s got some OCD in him too. He loves to organize, clean and make is bed. Every toy, book, shoe, train, animal etc has its own “spot”. He’s so much fun and his little laugh is contagious. He will ask for something and I say sure, here you go. And you know what his reply is? “Thanks Mom, you’re the best!”  He’s so sweet, a true blessing from God and I am proud to be his mommy!
He told me, Mom this is the best birthday! We took him camping and boy did he love it- ALL SMILES!

Happy Birthday Cooper

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